About Us

Hone Maxwell LLP is a tax law practice with offices in San Francisco and San Diego.  Partners Aubrey Hone and Josh Maxwell have combined more than 20 years of tax and accounting experience.  At Hone Maxwell LLP our practice concentrates on the full spectrum of federal, international, state, and local tax issues, including tax planning and tax controversies involving both civil and criminal claims.

With our unique tax experience, education, and accounting backgrounds, we are equipped to work closely with clients to identify and understand their tax issues from a comprehensive perspective that many other tax professionals cannot offer.  If you have a complicated tax issue or a dispute with a tax authority and there’s a lot at stake, our extensive taxation training and expertise could play a critical role in the successful resolution of your matter.

“A big burden has been lifted off my shoulders.  I am so happy my IRS tax issue is finally resolved.” —D.H., California

“Thanks, Aubrey for your help – you stayed on the phone with me and made me feel better about my IRS situation.” —K.M., California

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If you think we can help with your tax issue or controversy, please contact us today.  We want to hear from you.